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François Sagat

By Charlie Hoberman | Weds, January 21, 2015 This Thursday,

FRANÇOIS SAGAT launches his eponymous clothing label KICK SAGAT at International Playground. We sat down with François, retired pornstar, actor, model, and hunk to talk his career, his ideal KICK SAGAT model, and what he does on a weekend home in France.Kick Sagat

International Playground: Before you started a career in erotic films, you went to school for fashion? Where did you go?  

François Sagat: I studied in the late 90’s at Studio Berçot in Paris, a fashion and styling school. I studied there for 3 years.

You’ve always been a bit of a fashion darling too, from your work with Bernhard Wilhelm, to being featured in ID and Interview, your shoot with Terry Richardson, and the amazing Gaultier issue of TÊTU earlier this year… What’s your most memorable fashion moment?

The first time I wore a complete Yohji Yamamoto outfit for a magazine editorial (QVEST magazine). I was shot by René Habermacher and the story was inspired by William Tell.

Where do you draw inspiration for KICK SAGAT?  

When we started the first little collection of t-shirts, everything was focused on my character and my image simply, in a raw way, because there was a demand from the customers and fans for the porn actor and performer that I represent… That was actually the reason to release a collection by François Sagat, to represent that image.

It’s still almost the same but I try to associate new universes around the sexual/ sexy image and try to incorporate more “pop” and colorful aspects.

You’ve talked a bit about your relationship with masculinity; about being a “shy little boy” who began bulking up to become more comfortable in your skin.

I never defined myself as masculine, though, I’m apparently a man… A “daddy” (François laughs), visibly hunky. But I don’t think that’s what I am. I can be very campy, sometimes girly. Yes… I’m not a 100% masculine man, I have a hairy chest, a beard, I’m built, but that doesn’t make a man!

There’s definitely an interesting play with masculinity in the collection. On one hand, KICK SAGAT immediately brings to mind hunky guys in briefs, but there are also some amazing floral prints which we love. Is masculinity something you’re conscious of during the design process?

For KICK SAGAT, I want everyone to wear it. Every kind of man is allowed to wear KICK SAGAT, with different attitudes, different body types, and different style. I don’t think I’m serving fashion but just propositions. A fun and sexy, enjoyable product.

How do you and (partner) Pierre-Henri split the workload? There must be a lot to do…

He is mainly the production manager, he is the one who makes my requests more realistic and possible. I’m the artistic part. Work is getting more intense all the time because sales are quite good lately.

What are your plans and aspirations for KICK SAGAT?

Online sales and retailer collaborations are growing, it’s good news. I would love to have a KICK SAGAT store in the states, first, because our best customers are American. And I’m so glad about the fast evolution as we are so new. I have good trust in the future.

What American would you most like to see in KICK SAGAT?

I would love Barack Obama to wear one of our classical brief in white, that would be so hot.

We’re into it! What can we expect to see next?

I’m not sure yet how we’re going to organize collections in the future but we don’t work with “seasons” but maybe with “themes,” yes.

I’m working on a new theme. It’s going to actually be very fun with new prints. It takes time but I’m very excited. We will release new items in between, independent from this new collection. And I’m about to release new underwear, of course, as well as new little pieces, accessories and a “lighter” sportswear.

You’ve said in the past that you’re a bit of a homebody. What does your ideal weekend at home in France look like?

Spending time with my cat cuddling. It’s my baby! And doing nothing, I love doing nothing. It’s a luxury.

Any acting plans?

Well, I don’t even receive script propositions. (laughs)

What?! L.A. Zombie was amazing!

(laughs) Thank you!

Thank you, François!

Big kiss, see you this week at the store.

Join us THURSDAY JAN 22nd for our HEART THROB edition of QUEER LOOKS!  We’ll be honoring the legendary FRANÇOIS SAGAT and the stateside launch of KICK SAGAT. In addition to the usual merriment and debauchery, CHROMAT debuts a capsule collection of lingerie and TABLEAUX VIVANTS introduces a new range of body tattoos. WITCHES (OF BUSHWICK) will be on the decks, and bubbly will be flowing.

International Playground Soho

463 Broome Street


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