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François Sagat

by Billy Mecca and SDP Editors. Photography by Exterface Studio, the Kick Sagat team and David Armstrong.

Before he got into porn, François Sagat, the iconic French actor & model recognized worldwide by his signature scalp tattoo, worked alongside some of fashion’s greatest – Paco Rabanne, Jeremy Scott, Balenciaga and the real Thierry Mugler. Sure, he’s starred in countless adult films (yes, we’ve seen them all), and branched out with leading cinema roles in Christophe Honoré’s “Homme au bain“ (“Man at Bath”) and Bruce LaBruce’s “L.A. Zombie”. And who could forget those images of François giving us full on “Justify My Love” Madonna realness on the cover of Loverboy Magazine!

But these days, this adored muscled vision has been experiencing a homecoming of sorts, going back to his fashion roots creating his sexy line of men’s sportswear and underwear. The Kick Sagat brand.

In a Summer Diary exclusive, Sagat speaks candidly with a confident IDGAF-yet-humble attitude … one of the many things we love about him … on his stardom, the latest sexiness from Kick Sagat, and why he isn’t afraid to be called … a slut.

SDP:  There is something about you that’s propelled you to infinite stardom. Everyone wants to get to know more about you. What makes you unique?

François Sagat:  I’m certainly not the one who is going to tell you what makes me unique – what do I know about that? I have no fucking clue. You are unique in your own way and everyone is unique – even if they suck. I may be unique, but I do have clones. It’s just a question of ‘re-inventing’ yourself at the right place, or revealing yourself the right way.

Everyone may want to know more about me because I’ve never spoken that much in front of the camera. Being obnoxious was never the feeling I want to give to people, so maybe that’s why they want to hear more.

What’s most interesting to us is that before you got into porn, you had wanted to become a fashion designer. We know you trained at the ateliers of some incredible designers. Who were they? What did they teach you?

I went to Fashion School in Paris when I was 18. I studied there for 3 years. I worked in stages at Thierry Mugler – with the real Thierry Mugler. I spent one year at Balenciaga and I did brief stints at Jeremy Scott, Martin Margiela and Paco Rabanne. This was all in a very brief period. When school ended, I was working with Balenciaga and I did a few jobs styling editorials. I was an assistant – or a slave, as I would say. I learned how to shut my mouth at the right time, how to make a good coffee, and how to go through all the tiny streets of Paris and suburbs as fast as I could to get a small piece of fabric and come right back to the studio to go out again 5 minutes later. I became a pro.

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